About Bluzelle

Bluzelle combines the sharing economy with the token economy - renting individuals' computer storage space to earn tokens while dApp developers use tokens to have their dApp's data stored and managed.


Our ICO earned $19m in 48 hours

27,000 members in our Telegram community

Emerging Star in KPMG and H2 Ventures’ notorious Fintech 100 list

Forrester Research “A leading blockchain provider”

World Economic Forum as one of the 30 “technology pioneers” for 2017

Directors and Advisors:

  1. Brian Fox — CTO of Orchid and Creator of GNU Bash. He helps us define our open-source plans.
  2. Prashant Malik — former Facebook engineer and creator of the popular database Cassandra. He helps us solve key challenges in databases.
  3. Gil Penchina — former eBay and super angel investor in LinkedIn, PayPal, Ripple. He helps us with marketing and business strategies.
  4. Alex Leverington is a former core developer of Ethereum having worked on it from the beginning. Alex’s feedback will be a great benefit as we develop a technical roadmap and get our first wave of use cases and customers.
  5. Ryan Fugger, the original creator of Ripple who designed and implemented a multi-hop payment network into several online communities. It was then sold to Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb who implemented the concept on top of their consensus ledger transaction system. Ryan’s expertise building decentralized networks will be beneficial to Bluzelle.
  6. Antoine Cote and Lionello Lunesu. They are the founders of Enuma Technologies, a highly respected firm for smart contracts and security audits. They are the smart contract developers and security advisors for Bluzelle and in an ever-changing environment, this is a critical piece we want to stay on top of.
  7. Dr. Michael Egorov, a physicist and former LinkedIn Engineer and currently CTO of NuCypher. Michael is an expert in encryption and will advise on the security design of our protocol.


October 2017 Hackathon: https://blog.bluzelle.com/decentralized-database-h...

...checkout the vid!:

We’re a supportive and nurturing environment for those that are team players (no egos, brogrammers, know-it-alls or divas!), open communicators and passionate engineers. We offer an environment that is challenging, rewarding, and fosters personal and professional growth. We run Agile, with heavy reliance on TDD/BDD. Our tech stack runs from React/ES6+ on the frontend to C++ for our database engine.

We greatly value an intelligent approach to problem solving and an engineering mindset over Uber-level status with a specific language or technology. If you are interested in working with us but don't see an opening the suits your interests then please email [email protected], and if it looks like a good fit and the time is right, perhaps we can think outside the box together and come up with an opportunity that's worthwhile!

We're serious about taking care of our team:

  • We stay lean and leverage technical best practices across the board - we guarantee you'll improve your understanding / utilization of Git, Functional Programming, ES6/7 and React - at a minimum!
  • We all work remotely - a flexible lifestyle that supports your personal work approach
  • We offer vacation and sick paid leave, but if you'd like you can also take your job with you and bank your vacation days - as long as you coordinate with your team lead
  • Salary and optional stock options and/or crypto currency
  • A competitive and comprehensive extended benefits program including Life, Critical Illness, AD&D, LTD/STD, Dependants, Travel, Vision / Dental, Partners / Dependants, Extended Health (Chrio, Acupuncture, etc.)
  • We invest in our team culture and morale through events and activities, as well as offer training subsidies for relevant coursework
  • We pay a $2,500 referral fee to ANY referrals for employees that stay with us past the probationary period

Current openings

No open jobs at this moment